Sand Bag Disposal

The City of Vernon says in most instances, sand used for flood protection can be treated as clean soil and be used as general fill, substitute aggregate in construction applications or blended into gardens and lawns.

As lake and creek levels recede, the City of Vernon will be providing recommendations as to when it is safe to remove flood protection from effected properties. Sand bags can be dropped off free of charge at the following locations as long as they are not mixed with any other substance, wood debris, garbage or recycling materials:
•All RDNO Recycling and Disposal Facilities
•The sand bag fill site located outside Operations yard entrance at 1900 – 48th Avenue off Pleasant Valley Rd
•The sand bag fill site located at corner of Okanagan Ave and Okanagan Landing Road (across from Marshall Fields)

Residents of Vernon who are required to dispose of more than 400 sand bags from their properties can call City Operations at 250-549-6757 during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 7:30 am-3:30 pm) to request assistance. City staff will review the request and if approved, City contractors will be providing large collection bins to individual properties to assist with the removal process.

Sand Bag Handling Guidelines:
•Gloves and appropriate footwear should be worn when handling sandbags.
•After handling sandbags wash exposed body parts with soap and water and launder clothing.
•Wet sandbags will be at least twice as heavy as dry sandbags therefore caution should be used or assistance should be sought for lifting the bags.
•In accordance with Provincial regulations, sand from sandbags must not be placed directly into or adjacent to streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, springs, ravines, gulches, or wetlands whether or not they contain water.
•Be careful when beginning a clean-up. Be aware of potential hazards such as physical, microbiological, and chemicals. For more information refer to HealthLink BC: