Snow Pack 152%

The City of Armstrong is concerned about a record snow pack and is encouraging businesses and residents to be ready to sandbag.

Preliminary provincial snow pack ratings of 152% are nearing all-time record highs for the North Okanagan. It is anticipated the snow pack will continue to increase for another 4 weeks at higher elevations. The City of Armstrong is encouraging businesses and residents to take note of flood prevention and property protection measures as a precaution.

Property owners are responsible for any mitigation measures required for flood protection on private property. Flooding may occur when water levels in lakes, creeks, or rivers rise as a result of heavy snow melt, run-off or rain. Events such as ground saturation due to snow melt and overland water can also create flooding hazards. These events can occur with little advanced warning so this is why we are taking the steps to notify the community.

Sand and sand bags are available at the following locations for anyone who requires them to protect their property. Please note that all phases of the sandbagging process are the responsibility of the property owner. These materials have been provided strictly for flood protection purposes.

Public Works Yard located at 2950 Patterson Avenue
Corner of Bridge Street and Okanagan Blvd. 

The City reminds residents to use caution around large bodies of water and creeks as fast moving water may cause erosion and instability of bank edges.

For more information and to follow updates on localized flooding events please go to the City of Armstrong's website at

For more information on sandbagging and preparedness search online for "preparedbc sandbagging" where you will find instructions on how to build proper water defenses. For more information also visit PreparedBC at