Stolen Items Recovered by Owner

A Vernon car company has gone public with their frustration over theft.

Joe Skerritt posted on facebook  Monday that a Jeep from Swan Lake Motors had the wheels and tires stolen from it and their video showed  a guy with a grocery cart in broad daylight. 

Here's the post:
 "I arrived at work this morning to find one of our Jeeps had the wheels and tires stolen off of it.  First thing that went through my brain is a guy in a truck came took them and I will never see them again. I took a quick look at the camera and to my surprise it was a guy with a grocery cart in broad daylight. So instead of calling the police and hearing the regular "well sir there isn't much we can do" I walked down to the homeless camp and found three of the four wheels and tires this man stole from us. While looking around the homeless camp I also found numerous amounts of stolen things. Central vacuums, endless propane tanks, tons of bike frames, small BBQ's, car parts and much more. To my surprise that wasn't the worst of it. While looking for the last tire we decided to take a look at the other camp behind Temptations on the over pass. This camp had more inventory then Home depot. Hundreds of cordless drills, TV's, bike frames, and wheels and tires it seemed to be endless. If you are looking for anything I suggest taking a stroll as seeing if you can find your belongings."