Talk in Tough Times

CMHA Vernon is proud to be supporting people impacted by the 2017 wildfires to get the mental health supports and services they need. This week, CMHA BC launched a targeted tele-health program called Talk in Tough Times.
Talk in Tough Times - modelled after the successful evidence-based BounceBackR program is for youth and adults affected by the wildfires who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, low mood or stress, with or without anxiety.

"Fleeing a fire is a very traumatic event. Just now, there are fires burning in Kelowna and Kamloops. This could affect people who went through last year's evacuations, and they may be dealing with depression, anxiety, low mood and stress," said Tami Muhlert, Interior Regional Co-ordinator for BounceBackR. Our coaches are locals who are here for you, and ready to support you.¨

Alyssa Christmas, Manager of CMHA Vernon's Crisis Line is encouraged by this revamped program. "This past year, our crisis line workers have provided support to many people who lived through the 2017 wildfires. We expect to make many referrals to Talk in Tough Times. This is a great added support to our existing programming. We want those people to know that talking makes a difference, healing is possible, and help is here."

Julia Payson, CMHA Vernon Executive Director notes that many partners have come together for this program. "Talk in Tough Times is possible because of partnerships and collaboration. Interior Health is playing a critical role in supporting people who reach out to our coaches and require additional services. Once again, our community will benefit from the support and collaboration of Interior Health Authority."

If you or someone you know is experiencing the after effects of the wildfires, there is help available.
- To access the Talk in Tough Times Facebook page, visit:
- To access the Talk in Tough Times tele-health program call 1-877-427-4884 or visit:

For additional information and support call the Crisis Line at 310-6789 (no area code needed).