Town Hall Meeting

A large crowd is expected for Tuesday night's town hall meeting.  The city says the meeting will give residents and business owners the ability to express concerns or raise issues relating to crime, vagrancy, overdose prevention sites and open drug use and the negative impact it's having on the downtown core and surrounding neighbourhoods.

The city has hired a Kelowna Consulting company to facilitate the meeting from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Vernon Rec Centre.

A release from the city says, "Council is asking residents and business owners for solutions both short and long term that may improve their neighbourhood in regard to the issues noted above." 
As directed by council, speakers will be allocated a maximum of two minutes to bring forward their remarks and solutions. The role of the facilitator is to manage a respectful meeting, ensure speakers respect the time limit, record the comments of the public, and if required, ask clarifying questions of the presenters in order to capture accurate records. Council's role is to listen to members of the public, and, if necessary, seek clarification of comments made, through the facilitator."