Vernon Woman Dies After Rescue

A Vernon woman who was tracked and rescued by her husband after her vehicle disappeared over an embankment has died in hospital.
Caroline Koenig's S-U-V hit some ice and went down a steep embankment east of Cherryville on December 4th.
Her husband Trevor later found her after driving for hours and seeing her tire tracks in the snow, then calling search and rescue crews.
She was taken to hospital with severe hypothermia and a broken arm but Trevor Koenig says she suffered complications and died two and a half weeks later.  The following is from their company, Blenz facebook page: 
"I am posting this for our friends and customers. On December 22nd, My partner in life and business for the last 36 years, unexpectedly passed away as a result of complications relating to her recent motor vehicle accident.  We will be celebrating the life of Caroline Koenig on January 20th at the Pleasant Valley Funeral home . The service with begin at 11 AM. Caroline was a warm, caring and loving Lady and she will be sorely missed by all who knew her! I waited to post this until after the holiday season as Caroline would have wanted it that way."