Tomato Basil Prosciutto Salad

Tomoato Basi Prosciutto Salad

- tomato 2-4
- basil
- prosciutto 4-8 slices cut in half
- 1 medium sweet onion sliced medium
- balsamic vinegar
- bocconcini cheese cut in half or cubed 


Cut your tomatoes in medium slices, and place a piece on the bottom that will support the weight of them being stacked. 

The layers are as follows:
- tomato
- onion
- bocconcini
- basil (small pieces)
- a small drizzle of balsamic dressing
- prosciutto slice

And repeat till you have 5 layers of tomato with everything in between! And drizzle balsamic vinaigrette all over it once done (zig zag back and forth)


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