Budget Concerns

North Okanagan- Shuswap MP Mel Arnold is voicing concern over the federal budget presented in the House of Commons Wednesday carrying a massive deficit for the second consecutive year.

“I am very concerned of the government’s fiscal policies that have added to the debt burden that Canadians will be paying off for years to come,” said MP Arnold. “Trudeau’s promise of limiting deficits to $10 billion a year has been broken a second time now and it is Canadians who will pay through higher taxes.”

Budget 2017 updated the 2016-17 deficit with an increase to $23 billion today and also forecasted a deficit for the coming 2017-18 fiscal year of $28.5 billion. Today’s budget also increased taxes on certain goods and eliminated the public transit tax credit that allowed Canadians to claim 15% of the cost of transit passes.
“At a time when Justin Trudeau is making life more expensive, he could have offered lower taxes and a job creation plan that actually works,” MP Arnold continued. “Instead, Canadians are getting nickel-and-dimed by this Prime Minister so he can continue to fund these deficits.”