City Looks at Future of Civic Arena

Vernon Council has asked staff to investigate the cost of repurposing the Civic Arena following a tour of the 80-year-old building and site on Monday morning. 

Council toured the site to view where the 29/30 Street transportation corridor is planned for the eastern portion of the parking lot, and visited the building for a presentation. The future of the building and the site is being explored because once the Multi-Use Facility expansion is complete at Kal Tire Place with a targeted opening date of September 1, 2018,  the Civic Arena will no longer be used as an ice rink.

The cost estimates for repurposing the Civic Arena would include identified hard costs associated with the building itself, and soft costs such as site landscaping and parking development. Possible future uses of the building would be explored and cost estimates would be prepared as a starting point for public engagement.

For the past decade, the Civic Arena block has been identified as a future park. Numerous plans, including the Official Community Plan, City Centre Neighbourhood Plan and, most recently, the Parks Master Plan, have identified the need for more parkland in the city centre. Maintaining quality of life for residents while increasing residential and commercial development in the city centre to serve a growing population were cited as the primary reasons for the property being slated as a park. 
Staff hope to provide Council with a report on estimated repurposing costs in June.