Evacuation Alert Issued for Lakeshore Road

The City of Vernon has issued an evacuation alert for residents on both sides of Lakeshore Road (from 2548 to 2688 Lakeshore Road) and 6999 Cummins Road.

Weather forecasts for this weekend warn of hot weather Wednesday and Thursday, followed by heavy rains and thunderstorms anticipated from Thursday until Sunday. Along with the increased water flow in local creeks from the melting snowpack, heavy rains and high winds increase the likelihood of flooding along Kalamalka and Okanagan Lakes.

Okanagan Lake levels are currently at 340.5 metres. Residents in impacted or at-risk areas are advised to protect property to 343.5 metres plus an additional buffer for wave action.

With lakes at unprecedented levels, the underground water table has come to the surface in some neighbourhoods. Residents should continue to monitor basements and crawlspaces in low lying areas. Local streets may close suddenly due to ground water seeping to the surface.

The City is taking measures to mitigate the risk of flooding by installing temporary flood protection in strategic locations along Lakeshore Road. Cummins Road is currently being built up, which may also provide some protection against flooding. Additionally, another sand and sandbag location is being established at 2605 Lakeshore Road.

Sand and sandbags are being replenished twice a day at five other established sites for Vernon residents. The six sandbag locations are:

 Outside Operations main entrance off of Pleasant Valley Rd

 4005 Pleasant Valley Rd

 Corner of Okanagan Ave and Okanagan Landing Rd (across from Marshall Fields)

 Okanagan Hills Blvd and Bella Vista Rd. intersection (entrance to the Rise community)

 8974 Okanagan Landing Road

 2605 Lakeshore Road

The City requests that Lakeshore Road be used for local traffic only to allow crews and residents to access properties.

During an evacuation alert, people should be prepared to evacuate the area. If not already prepared, use this undetermined period of time to begin an orderly preparation for possible evacuation orders. People may wish to self-evacuate; this is only an alert.