Kal Lake Project Gets Extra Funds

Vernon Mayor Akbal Mund says Council approved an additional money to allow the Kalamalka Lake Road project to go ahead this year because quotes came in over budget.

Vernon Council approved the use of an additional $560,000 from Development Cost Charge (DCC) funds to allow the Kalamalka Lake Road/Okanagan Rail Trail Connector project to move forward this year. The tender is awarded to LB Chapman Construction Ltd. with work scheduled to start on site in two weeks. The project budget is now $4,028,459 and is funded as follows:
Infrastructure and casino reserves - $1,313,833 
DCC reserve - $1,223,235 
Grants, sidewalk gifting and works contributions - $630,704
Taxation - $860,687.  
The trail connection between Vernon and the Rail Trial via Kalamalka Lake Road will allow Vernon to maximize the economic benefits of the rail trail.The city says the public and media will be kept fully informed of any traffic disruptions and all reasonable efforts will be made to make all aware that the businesses on Kalamalka Lake Road are open as usual. 

Browne Road to the Alpine Centre is expected to be closed for 9 to 12 weeks and businesses have expressed concerned about the impact it will have on them.