Mobile Vending Regs

The City of Vernon will be updating mobile vending regulations following a stakeholder consultation process. The City will propose development policy and bylaw amendments following consultation that refines the existing mobile vending licensing and permitting structure. 

“Mobile vending animates public spaces, can provide natural surveillance that make public spaces safer, and can assist in lengthening the stay of people in outdoor spaces,” said Cleo Corbett, Long Range Planner with the City of Vernon. “Mobile vending can also provide services in neighbourhoods and parks without large capital investment or permanent structures. Mobile vending concerns also include garbage, noise, smells and aesthetic appearance of food carts and trucks and the associated tents and signage.”

During the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan and Parks Master Plan public consultation, Vernon residents expressed a desire to access vendor services in parks and public spaces. Both plans included policies supporting mobile vending. 

The City’s existing mobile vending framework has evolved over time, responding to demand from mobile vendors and reacting to the business community’s interest and concerns. The existing process needs to be refined and updated to specifically address business licensing, permitted locations, the application process, associated fees and quality control. The amendments are expected to be presented to Council in the fall and be ready for the 2018 season.