WATCH: Virginia Cops Share Epic 'Uptown Funk' Lip-Sync Video

Everyone knows that police are supposed to protect and serve … and get funky.

A video showing members of Virginia's Norfolk Police Department lip-syncing and dancing to the Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars hit “Uptown Funk” has gone viral since it was shared on Facebook on Tuesday.

It features uniformed officers and support staff, along with a few firefighters, getting their grooves on as they are led around the station by Officer Christopher Taveras. Cops are seen using traffic cones as horns and, during the epic finale, one officer picks up another and spins him around.

“As you can see, we all had a great time filming the video, which we have to point out was done in one take!,” reads a message accompanying the video.

The Norfolk Police Department did the video in response to a challenge from the Corinth Police Department in Texas, which earlier shared a lip-sync video of Miley Cyrus’ hit “Party in the U.S.A.” that has made a star out of strikingly handsome Officer Derek Kirkwood, aka "Officer Dreamboat."

Corinth Police shared its review of the Norfolk video on Facebook. “Great song, strong choreography but they still don’t have Officer Dreamboat!”

Check out the video from Norfolk Police below: