SUN FX is going Live

Sun FM Mornings with Alysha and Kyle is hitting the road to play a live version of SUN FX, with a bit of a twist.  For 6 Fridays (starting September 14th), they will be travelling around the South Okanagan giving you a chance to win!  From 11am-1pm, you’ll have the chance to come see them and play!  You’ll get to hear 3 sound effects and guess all 3 correctly, for your chance to win $500.  All correct guesses will go into a jackpot draw…BUT…if no one gets it right, the jackpot will increase by $500 at the next Live FX. In fact, we will keep adding $500 dollars until we get a winner (If a cumulative prize is awarded, the jackpot will reset to $500).

Live FX Locations:

September 14th : Canadian Tire Penticton

September 21st : Time Winery

September 28th : Murray GM Penticton

October 5th : TBA

October 12th : TBA

October 19th : TBA