This Girl Scout is Channeling her Inner Cardi B with this Cookie Rap!

Her name is Kiki Paschall and she is the latest viral sensation making the internet buzz. 

This .@iamcardib MONEY remix is 💰🔥

— Girl Scouts (@girlscouts) 3 February 2019

She took Cardi B  's "Money" and made it all about the cookies! Instead of “I got bands in the coupe; bustin’ out the roof” she raps "I got girls in my troop; cookies to the roof.”

Even Cardi B retweeted it, showing the girl some love.

I want all the cookieshhh

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) 5 February 2019


The worst part about all of this? Now I want Girl Guide cookies and they don't go on sale in Canada until March!