About our Fun Seeker Marc

Hey everyone! My name is Marc Dermott and I am the new Fun Seeker here in Kelowna.

I am originally from Manchester, England and only moved to Canada last September. The Okanagan is definitely a great place to live and there so many things to see and do.

I have a background in acting and presenting in the UK, and always enjoyed being involved in many events, festivals, charity functions and concerts. Getting to know people and being part of the community matters and to know you’re making a difference is a special feeling.

I love listening to music as I feel it can change your mood in an instant, from making your days feel brighter to helping you push that extra mile when keeping fit.  Another big part of my life is football, the sport where you actually use your foot with the ball, and my team is of course Manchester United. Not seeing them play live in the UK anymore is something I miss the most… Oh, and family too.

I’m also a big fan of food! It’s all I eat!

It’s very exciting being the Fun Seeker over 2018, because having the word ‘Fun’ is in your job title, and being new to Kelowna means I get to experience all events over 2018 for the first time, which is super exciting. I want to be involved in as many things happening this year as possible, and so should you!

Check out what’s happening on our website over the year and make sure you say hello if you see me around! I’ll be the guy seeking out fun, hence the name. (Hence!?! Was that too British??)