Canada Day Long Weekend

Hey Guys,


What an incredible weekend it's been for me on my first Canada Day Experience since I moved here last year. I've had an awesome experience and been involved in some amazing events.


Friday was the Gorges Comeau Homebase Slo-Pitch Tournament at the Kinds Stadium for JoeAnna's House and the KGH Foundation. The teams were filled with many NHL Stars who still play Hockey today and everyone had a great experience. I even purchased a Baseball Jersey from Okanagan Lifestyle who designed the players sports kit and sold clothing for the worthy cause. All around, this event was a HOME RUN!!

Saturday was the Kelowna Future Tennis Tournament at Parkinson Recreation Centre. It was the semi finals of the knockout stages, and the quality of athleticism in these games were as high as the professionals you see on TV. Definitely a Grand Slam Show! Even the youngsters were amazing to watch. The event was also put together by a non-or-profit organization, which means all the money from the ticket sales got put back into the Okanagan tennis community.

Sunday was CANADA DAY! I was at Waterfront Park to experience to passion and excitement of all you Canadian Patriots. There were also many people, like me, from different parts of around the world, that showed their love to this great Country! With Live music, face painting, activities, inflatables, and street performances, there was so much to do, it became an experience I will never forget. I hope all you guys had as much fun as I did and enjoyed the fireworks too.

Monday I was at the Rotary Centre for the Arts to see all the events and activities they have on over the next few weeks. With it being the start of the kids summer, I got to see the New Vintage Theatre hold their KFX Superhero Vs Villains Acting Summer Camp and a kids Pottery Class put together by the Potters Addicts also in the Centre. I defiantly recommend you go onto their websites and get involved as Performing and Visual Arts is something that is needed in every ones lives young or old. 

Don't forget to check me out on Facebook and on Instagram as I'm adding new pics and videos throughout the weekends! And remember if you're not having Fun, then you're not doing it right!!