Q and A with Marc


Some of you might thinking to yourself, who is this silly guy with the unusual accent??

So we gave him Q and A interview to give you a bit more info about Marc and his background.

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Q: So, what's the accent, and where are you from really?

A: I was born in a town called Wigan, in the North West of England. It's around 15-20mns away from Manchester. However, I did move away from my home town at the age of 18 and travelled around. So I've lost a lot of my strong local accent. Even though people say I haven't... I really have.


Q: Tell us about your background, from 18 to now?

A: Wow, that's a lot of years to talk about... I'm 35 now so I forgotten most of it, ha. I studied as an actor from a young age, and at the point of going to a Drama School, I thought I'd take a year out. So I went to work at a holiday entertainment resort as a singer/actor/dancer. The only problem I had doing this job was that I wasn't really any good at singing or dancing to start, but did what I could to pass off as a professional performer. From this I went onto do everything and anything in performance. From TV presenting in the UK to theatre tours, small films to hosting/presenting live concert and shows. I like trying a bit of everything in performance, I feel it help make you understand and learn the different aspects of entertainment.


Q: So did you do any radio in the UK?

A: Not really. A friend of mine had a local radio show, which I sometimes got involved with, but nothing like what I'm doing now. Again, it's different... a new experience for me, and something I really enjoy. Also, the staff and other Radio DJ's have been awesome to me and I couldn't thank them enough.


Q: So what made you come to Canada then?

A: A beautiful girl named Anna. When I first met her she told me she was from Nottingham in England, which is true. But she moved to Canada with her family when she was a kid and gew up here in Kelowna. She travelled between the 2 countries as a dual citizen for work, and we met at a UK holiday resort. She was a dancer on the team and I was her manager. I joke that she was only with me because of my position as manager, she would say, she got lucky with me, but it's definitely me who is the lucky one. We moved to London for almost a year before deciding to try Kelowna. Her family live here as well, and they have all been so great to me. I'm very appreciative of their support. Two years ago, I had no notion of moving to Canada at all, but I'm so glad I did. I've applied for permanent residency and now I'm just playing the waiting game to be accepted. Fingers Crossed.


Q: So you've done a lot of things, what's about personal experiences. Any great accomplishments?

A: Winning a UK reality TV Show called Robot Wars was something different and fun to do. Also sky diving is something I would recommend to everyone, I'm not good with heights, but it's definitely a bucket list activity I you can't say no to. My stand out favourite moment though, was swimming with Dolphins with Anna, she loves animals and having that experience together, and watching her love every second, is a moment I'll never forget.


Q: And what do think of your job of Fun Seeker?

A: Amazing! I saw an Ad for a job with the Studio, that was different to the Fun Seeker position. However after having my interview, I was told about this awesome job, where I get to go and be part of Kelowna's many events and celebrations happening throughout the summer, and talk about it on the radio. I don't think there's many better jobs out there. I moved to Kelowna in September, so everywhere I go to is a new and exciting experience for me. Being part of the community and helping with charity events is also something I get be part of as Fun Seeker, and if I can help make a difference in anyway, it makes my job all the more worthwhile.


Q: So what do you plan for the future?

A: Who knows? I love working for the radio, and would love to part of the team for a long time. I do enjoy performing and creating productions shows as well, as this was my main job in the UK, so maybe that's something I can put together on the side. I feel there's so much opportunity here in Kelowna, with many people here wanting to help you with your cause and ambitions. Mainly, though, I want to settle down here with Anna, and one day have a family together.


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