Weekend In Review: August 17-18


This weekend I started out at the market again and then I got to hang out with fire fighters for the remainder of the weekend. The market was a great way to start off my weekend because its always busy and I also needed to restock on those awesome Okanagan peaches from last week. Everything went smoothly at the market.

                The 2nd Annual Rooftop Campout with the Kelowna Fire Fighters was where I headed next. They were fundraising for their Dare to Dream Charity which helps locals who need assistance in countless of different ways. They were also running the kids fire fighter challenge obstacle course: anything from carrying hoses to rescuing “victims”. I heard that if you complete the course you’re basically a fire fighter, give or take some training.

                On Sunday I actually got to go up in the bucket with one of the fire fighters on the ladder truck and look over all of Kelowna. We were well over the height of the yacht club too, Thank goodness I don’t really have a fear of heights. It was a very good day and I even ran into Chase, the golden retriever, from the dog show I went to on my first weekend on the job as fun seeker. It’s always cool seeing people from past events.