Weekend In Review: June 8-9

On Saturday The Interior Savings Fat Cat Children’s Festival was so much fun! I got involved in some of the events that were going on around the tent- did a craft, dressed up in a wicked butterfly costume.  And Trixie was quite the clown.  It did rain off and on at the event which wasn’t the greatest (picture the witch from the wizard of oz yelling her famous line “I’m Melting!!!”). There were so many activities and vendors around waterfront park ; from camps to educational booths, the nylon zoo (dressup), crafting stations and a station where you could hold baby chicks. SO CUTE!

On Sunday I was at the Mezzo Beach Party hanging out with potential and current homeowners down by the Beach house. The beach houses (well the 2 that are left) were a feature here and let me tell you! They. Were. So. Beautiful. I mean if I wasn’t still on the 20-something low budget life I would move there.  If you look on my Instagram you can see what I’m talking about because there are a bunch of pictures of the lake a.k.a what you would wake up and see every morning. I had a ton of fun and sampled some free gelato (yum!)  and I’m happy that the weather was so perfect for this event. There were even people checking out the free paddle boarding and kayaking down in the marina.

Check out the Instagram account @fun.seeker.kelowna to see everything I got into this weekend! Don’t forget to check back and see where I’m headed next weekend.