Bob Dylan Spots Camera Phones, Stops Show

There are two things about Bob Dylan that most fans have known for years: He has a strict policy against people taking photos during his concerts and he rarely speaks.

This week, during the encore of a show in Vienna, Dylan stopped singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” to admonish those in the audience who were holding up their phones.

The 77-year-old got up from his piano and went to a mic at the front of the stage and muttered something before stepping back and nearly falling over a monitor.

“Take pictures or don’t take pictures,” he snapped. “We can either play or we’re going to pose, OK?”

Dylan and members of his band then stood still as if posing while fans in the crowd yelled “Play! Play!”

Dylan has long enforced a “no-photos” rule at this shows, going so far as to have ushers shine flashlights at offenders.

Last year, Jack White stirred debate when he announced that fans coming to his concerts would have to seal their phones in bags.