Mayochup Is The Sauce That Is Dividing The Internet Right Now

Mayonnaise and Ketchup are two of the best condiments known to man. Fact. And anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Mixing the comidments is EVEN BETTER, and everyone has probably done it at some point in their lives. 


#yummmm #mayochup

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If you are lazy and don't have the strength to mix the two, well you're in luck, Heinz tweeted out on Wednesday that 500,000 votes for yes means the company will be unleashing Mayochup to the public.

Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for “yes” and we’ll release it to you saucy Americans.

— Heinz Ketchup (@HeinzKetchup_US) April 11, 2018

Currently you can buy the sauces online in the Middle East, from The Sultan Centre and Margin Fresh

We'll just have to stick with mixing it ourselves! 

Check out some of  the reactions to the product below: 

But it should have been called Ketchonaise

— Andy Lancaster (@andylancaster) April 11, 2018

I make it every time I eat fries, burgers and even hot dogs. I think you have the best mayonnaise. Thank you for looking out for all of us who are big fans of pink sauce, fry sauce, ketchupmayo, mayochup,or whatever you decide to call it. As you can tell by my tweets, I’m excited

— weathermom (@lshirley14552) April 12, 2018

If this does not get put in stores imma be heated

— wut (@AucousticScreec) April 11, 2018

I voted yes, but I don't know how I feel about it.

— Patrick Brooks-McCarthy (@pbmcc88) April 12, 2018


— Lambozoid ☃️ (@LivingLele) April 11, 2018