This giant chicken egg had another egg inside of it 😱

My thoughts go out to the Chick who had to lay this egg. Stockman's Eggs in Queensland, Australia, posted an image of an absolutely enormous chicken's egg on Sunday.




Look at this big egg. You gotta feel for the chook that laid it! Stockman's Eggs says it was laid by a free range hen and when cracked, had another smaller egg inside!

— ABC Far North (@ABCFarNorth) March 5, 2018

Check out some of the reactions below: 


Whoa! Sure there’s not a goose hiding there?

— Farmer Meets Foodie (@farmermetfoodie) March 5, 2018


No yolk, it really is eggsceptionally large.

— Timothy McDonald (@timothy_mcd) March 6, 2018



— Dan Smith (@0DanSmith) March 5, 2018



— Adam (@kels_316) March 5, 2018 surprised that nobody noticed when they put it in the normal sized egg carton with all the normal sized eggs

— Corey Glynn (@albedoa) March 6, 2018

- Katie Murray