The Mackenzie Chisholm Morning Show

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  • JÉROME LANDRY au retour- Refonte majeure du RTC

    En entrevue Rémy Normand, Président au RTC, sur la refonte majeur annoncée ce matin.
  • JÉROME LANDRY au retour- Le compresseur Labeaume

    Régis Labeaume fait jaser, il semble détrôner les autres artisans de la campagne .... Analyse de Jérôme.
  • If You Really Care About Social Justice, Ditch The Hashtags And Do Something

    Sadiya Ansari, associate editor at Chatelaine
  • Céline Dion sur sa nouvelle liberté

    Céline Dion se confie sur sa carrière après René Angélil.
  • TKO Show - 2:35pm - Medicines of the Forest. Canada's first certified Forest Bathing

  • How long can your food last if you don’t have power?

    Jason Tetro, microbiologist, The Germ Guy
  • TKO Show - 2:05pm - Penn & Teller!!!!

  • TKO Show - 1:35pm - The importance of investing in yourself

  • Hour 4 of News and Views for August 23rd, 2017

    Rob is joined by Dr. Barry Dworkin, who answers all of your questions on this week's Wednesday House Call.
  • Hour 3 of News and Views for August 23rd, 2017

    We go LIVE to an anti-racism rally infront of the US Embassy in Ottawa. We get an update on Bill - 148 and cap and trade. We find out exactly what is Canada's Table.
  • La commission Gendron - Simon Bégin

  • La Commission Gendron - 23 Août 12h À 13h