• Eating Bamboo Will Make You Very Happy

    A panda munching on some bamboo. Four minutes and 24 seconds of pure happiness. Don't tell us this animal is not having the time of his life!
  • Incredible MMA Comeback

    This highlight reel will teach you to never, ever, bet against Nathaniel Wood. You might think he won't survive the round but he manages to stage an amazing comeback!
  • Jack Black Has a Favor to Ask

    Jack Black needs your help and your energy!
  • Chester Bennington 36 Hours Before His Death

    This video filmed barely 36 hours before Chester Bennnington's death is almost eerie. It's so strange to watch the singer act this casual with his loved ones now that we know what happened soon after.
  • Shovelling Water

    This Shanghai construction worker is taking care of a puddle with a shovel. Some say he's been shovelling for weeks...
  • 400 km/h with a Bugatti Chiron

    Juan Pablo Montoya pushed this Bugatti Chiron to 400 km/h and then to a complete stop in just 42 seconds. This is not a car, but a fighter jet!
  • Love at First Swipe

    This video is totally adorable! We don't know who these people are, but what the guy did to tell the story of their life together is super sweet.
  • Father of 19

    This man donated sperm in his 30s but he didn't want to stay anonymous. Watch this to learn more about this beautiful story.
  • Ventriloquists Doing What Ventriloquists Do

    What happens when two ventriloquists hang out? The answer is kind of self-evident but you'll still want to see it!
  • Interviewing Bombing Cat

    This guy's cat wants in on this interview and he's not taking no for an answer. Just get right up there, kitty!
  • Feathery Chip Thief

    This seagull is hungry for chips. His little fast waddle as he tries to get away is pretty funny! He knows what he's doing!
  • When are Canadians not Friendly?

    Public bathrooms are generally a pretty awkward place to make friends. But what if you're Canadian?