L-Jack Promotions MMA Event!

JULY 29th. We light up the city with the first ever "UFC Style" MMA Event in Fredericton. As labelled as one of the best promotion companies in the country, L-Jack Promotions Inc. assures you that this will live up to the expectations by giving the fans and their fighters exactly what they want and more importantly what they deserve on July 29th. The event will be followed up by an AFTER PARTY for the fighters and fans at the Exhibition Grounds with DJ Hawkshaw leading the way. (FREE SHUTTLES will be included from the event to the after party with your ticket stub). 

Our MAIN EVENT is highlighted with local star Alderic Keith facing Ontario's star Chris Vorano. Also featuring the return of Dee Logue. This card is stacked from start to finish!

See the full list of fights HERE