Cook or Cook's Helper

Work under the Chef Cook as a helper cook - Work as first cook in preparing meals

Tasks:  Operate a Cash Register, prepare food, wash dishes, wash tables, maybe deliver hot meals at Schools for Grab & Go or Meals at home

Qualificatons:  Criminal check, Food Handling Safety Certificate (not mandatory), drivers licence

Working Conditions:  Job is part time or Full time 12 to 30 hours a week maybe more depending on volume.  Work at the Woodstock High School in the Anglophone Schools

Salary:  Minimum wage to be discussed at the interview

Please contact:  Head Office Proprietair / Aurore Guerrete / Food Service Provider, 14 rue Principal, Ste Anne de mad, NB E7E 1B5

Email:  Tel  506 445-2803  cell 506 736-9968