6 Years Ago: Beyoncé's Hair-Raising Encounter With A Montreal Fan


Six years ago today, Beyoncé had a hair-raising encounter with a fan in Montreal.

The fan, though, was not the stan kind but the kind on a stand at the edge of the stage.

Queen Bey was mid-“Halo” at the Bell Centre when her wonderful weave got sucked into a moving fan. The superstar – always a pro – kept singing as though her hair wasn’t in the machine’s death grip. Nothing to see here.

Beyoncé’s bodyguards and some crew members quickly got into formation and freed her from the fan after a frightening 45 seconds.

The scary mane event happened after Beyoncé reportedly spotted someone in the crowd of more than 14,000 holding a sign begging to sing with her. “Beyoncé was so moved she went down into the pit to sing 'Halo' with the girl,” US Weekly reported. “She was focused on the girl she was trying to do something nice for and it was unprompted.

“It really came from a good place.”

Luckily for humanity, Beyoncé was not injured and was able to carry on with her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour with her luscious locks secure. She even gave us permission to laugh at the incident by poking fun at herself on Instagram.

Bey shared a video clip of the moment and also posted a photo of handwritten revised “Halo” lyrics.

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