Court Blocks Release Of Kurt Cobain Suicide Pics

A court on Tuesday sided with Courtney Love and ruled that photos of Kurt Cobain’s body will not be made public.

Love and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain had fought to block the release of 55 photos taken at the scene of his 1994 suicide by shotgun. The Washington Court of Appeals agreed that making the images public would violate the family’s 14th Amendment rights.

Police had released 35 photos from the suicide scene but none showed the extent of Cobain’s injury.

Richard Lee sued the City of Seattle in 2014 in a bid to force the release of the photos under Washington state's Public Records Act. He claimed they would help prove his conspiracy theory that the Nirvana frontman was murdered.

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A court rejected his argument and said the photos are “highly offensive to a reasonable person” and not in the public interest.

Lee blasted Tuesday’s decision and vowed to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Love said in a court filing that her husband’s suicide “was the most traumatic experience of my life” and that she continues “to suffer emotionally from the loss.”