About 10,000 homes were in N.B. flood areas, but damage still unclear: minister

New Brunswick's environment minister has given a new sense of scale to the province's record-setting floods, saying as many as 10,000 homes were within flood zones.

Andrew Harvey said today precise figures have yet to come in on the extent of the damage those homes suffered, as citizens are still filing their claims for disaster relief.

Meanwhile, the province has estimated there are also about 2,000 recreational properties that have suffered damage.

The rivers, swollen by heavy rains and snow melt, swamped homes throughout the region and caused some cottages to collapse, with some even floating off their foundations.

Harvey also told reporters that "at some point in the future" the province will have to consider changing the rules governing what can be built in the flood plains of the Saint John River and the province's other waterways.

The minister said one bright spot amidst the flood recovery efforts was word that Nova Scotia is giving $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help people affected by record-breaking inundations.