Animal group says there's a growing number of abandoned cats in N.B.

Officials with Cat Rescue Maritimes say they're seeing a growing number of abandoned cats in New Brunswick – many found near-frozen or starved to death.

Dr. Mildred Drost, a veterinarian in Florenceville, says she saved one cat recently, but not before it lost its feet, ears and tail to the cold.

In January, two municipal workers were hailed for rescuing a frozen, urine-soaked kitten from a rural snowbank in Minto.

Cat Rescue spokeswoman Sue Knight says another cat was found near death in a snowbank in the same area, and is being nursed back to health.

The group is launching an online survey to determine how many stray and feral cats there are in the province.

They operate a trap-neuter-and-return program aimed at controlling the cat population.