Another North Atlantic right whale found dead in Gulf of St. Lawrence

**Story updated at 9:41 p.m. Friday**

Another North Atlantic right whale has been found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada says a surveillance flight spotted the carcass off Miscou Island, in northeastern New Brunswick, on Friday morning

DFO said there will be an attempt to recover the carcass and perform a necropsy next week.

The agency said it cannot confirm if the dead whale is the same mammal that was spotted entangled off the Gaspé Peninsula in August.

More than a dozen deaths

At least 11 North Atlantic right whale deaths have been confirmed in the Gulf since early June with preliminary necropsy reports indicating the whales died of either entanglements with fishing gear, or from blunt trauma caused by ship collisions.

In addition, three of the critically endangered mammals have been found dead in American waters since the beginning of the year.

Two whale carcasses were also discovered on the west coast of Newfoundland, but DFO is still trying to determine whether they are new specimens or two of the previously identified North Atlantic right whales spotted in the Gulf earlier in the summer.

Speed restriction in Gulf of St. Lawrence

In August, Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced a temporary speed restriction for the western Gulf of St. Lawrence — between the Québec north shore and just north of Prince Edward Island — in an effort to protect the mammals.

At least three vessels have been fined $6,000 each for breaching the 10-knot limit, which applies to vessels longer than 20 metres.

Transport Canada says the most recent penalty was issued Friday to the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir William Alexander.

Two other vessels — Petalon and the Seven Seas Navigator — have also been fined for allegedly violating the temporary slow down.