Base Gagetown's Support Formation receives new insignia

Base Gagetown's Support Formation has received a new insignia. 

The 5th Canadian Division Support Group's (5 CDSG) new badge and formation patch were officially unveiled Wednesday by Colonel Keith Osmond, the Commander of Base Gagetown, during the Base's 60th Anniversary Gala at the Richard J. Currie Center in Fredericton. 

A news release from the group says the badge provides visual representation of the division through items such as flags and documentation, while the patch will adorn the dress uniform sleeves of all its members.

Osmond says the badge and patch are a symbol of the pride the group has in their support role and it will serve as a visual representation of the unit's cohesion and connection to the past. 

The new insignia has been a work in progress since the 3 Area Support Group was renamed the 5th Canadian Division Support Group on August 27th, 2013.