Beluga rescued from N.B. river swims towards possible reunion with pod: group

A marine mammal group says a young beluga whale that was rescued from a New Brunswick river looks closer to being reunited with a pod.

The Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals says the wayward whale was tracked swimming in waters often frequented by belugas on Friday night.

The group says it is unclear whether the juvenile whale has joined the pod, but they remain cautiously optimistic about its prospects.

The beluga was rescued in a complex operation Thursday that saw the endangered marine mammal travel by land, sea and air before being released into the St. Lawrence Estuary near Cacouna, Que.

The male whale waded into New Brunswick's Nepisiguit River weeks ago, likely following a school of fish.

The whale will has been outfitted with a tracking device so scientists can observe where it goes.