City now accepting Unsung Hero Community Award Nominations for 2019

The City of Fredericton is accepting nominations for the 2019 edition of the Unsung Hero Community Awards.

The city says the awards are meant to acknowledge those individuals who go above and beyond to help bolster the work of social groups and organizations that offer recreational, cultural, or charitable services to the community.

In a press release, the city provided the following examples of the activities for which you can nominate a person or a group:

Arts: Developing, strengthening or building the arts and culture community through volunteer efforts or board service in various artistic disciplines (drama, dance, film, music, poetry, etc).
Awareness: Involvement in a project, initiative, service, or media that promotes awareness of an issue.
First Nation Relations & Culture: Fostering connections between members of First Nation communities with the general population in Fredericton.
Francophone Relations & Culture: Helping promote Francophone culture within the City of Fredericton. 
Gender & Sexual Minorities: Creating awareness of gender and sexual minorities issues.
Recreation & Sport: Encouraging the involvement of persons of all ages and origins in local recreation/sport.
Seniors & Persons with Disabilities: Providing appropriate care and support for seniors or persons with disabilities while helping to combat isolation.
Tutoring: Developing or delivering programs/activities that build skills or knowledge of persons in need to participate fully in all aspects of our community.
Women: Supporting the participation of women in leadership roles within our society.
Youth: Encouraging youth engagement and leadership within our society.
Other: Any other category that you think is pertinent to this award

Individuals can be nominated using the online form or downloading a printable copy from the city's website.

The deadline for nominations is Monday March 25 at 8:00 a.m.