City of Fredericton searching for artwork design submissions for Carleton Street Gateway Columns

The City of Fredericton is calling on professional artists, graphic designers, and architects for design submissions for the art component of the Carleton Street Gateway Columns. 

The columns are part of the Garrison District Revitalization Project and will greet those entering Carleton Street at Queen Street and into the broader Garrison District. 

The gateway column features a 'laser-cut perforated and rolled steel sheet,' which has been cut to allow for the illustration of a story within the spaces of the column. 

The city says the story should feature elements of the site's military history as well as the evolution of the Garrison District into a cultural and festival public space. 

Other elements from Fredericton's history and culture may also be included. 

The chosen design will be converted into a digital drawing that will be used to "laser-cut" the steel sheet prior to its installation. 

A jury will review the submissions, which will be accepted until March 31st, and a shortlist will be asked to submit a fully detailed proposal. 

Artists who are chosen to move on to Phase Two in the selection process will be provided $500, while the artist selected for Phase Three will be provided $2,500 upon committee acceptance of the artwork. 

Carleton Street Gateway Columns.

(City of Fredericton)