Dominic Cardy resigns as New Brunswick NDP leader

Dominic Cardy has resigned as leader of New Brunswick's New Democratic Party.

In a statement released Sunday, Cardy said his resignation as leader and member of the party is effective immediately.

"I cannot lead a party where a tiny minority of well-connected members refuse to accept the democratic will of the membership," he said.

Cardy said he challenged the party to become progressive, but some members "want to return to an old NDP of true believers, ideological limitus tests and moral victories."

He said the party's limited time and energy is being wasted on "infighting" before the next election.

"That contributed to our loss in 2014 as it will in 2018," said Cardy.

"Those same destructive forces continue their sterile battle, ignoring the will of the party they claim to champion, using language from the 1930s and policies from the 1970s. There is nothing progressive about this behaviour."

Cardy also made it clear that he is unhappy with the direction of the NDP at a federal level.

"Recently the federal NDP abandoned its proud history of internationalism, declaring itself a pacifist party," he said.

"I cannot continue as a member of a party that has abandoned internationalism."

Party president Sharon Levesque also issued a statement Sunday, confirming that Cardy is leaving his post.

"I am one of many New Brunswickers who joined the NDP because of Dominic Cardy," she said.

"In the last election, our party received more votes than any NDP campaign in history and set new highs in over two dozen ridings. I believe that Dominic Cardy’s intelligence, decency, and focus on ideas had a lot today do with that."

Levesque said the NDP took a record 13 per cent of the province-wide popular vote under Cardy's leadership, but that support wasn't enough to translate into seats.

She said a provincial council meeting will be set in the next two weeks to appoint an interim leader, set a date for a leadership convention and adopt rules for the campaign.

By: Brad Perry -