Editor of student newspaper out after publishing controversial articles

The editor-in-chief of a student newspaper at the University of New Brunswick is out after publishing an op-ed and interview with the head of a group that had taken responsibility for posting what were described as racist posters on campus.

Anna De Luca had defended the publication of the articles in The Baron by saying the newspaper believes in unfettered freedom of speech and expression.

In the articles, Michael Thurlow, leader of the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party, makes comments about Jews and what he calls historical exaggerations and lies involving the residential school system.

But on Wednesday, the board of directors of the paper, which is produced on UNB's Saint John campus, issued a statement saying Thurlow represents points of view that are harmful and, in many cases, not factual.

The statement says editors need to be afforded the opportunity to explore journalistic expression, but the board won't tolerate content deemed as "hate speech" towards any group.

Earlier this month, a series of posters were removed from buildings on the university's Fredericton campus after they were deemed to be "racist and bigoted."