Federal budget shares some of NB government's priorities

New Brunswick's finance minister seems pleased with the federal budget unveiled Wednesday in Ottawa.

Cathy Rogers says federal investments in skills development, innovation, temporary foreign workers and assistance to families for child care are also priorities the Brian Gallant government is targeting.

While the federal spending plan contains programs that could help Premier Brian Gallant achieve some of his goals, but may also throw off his spending too as it includes includes a new $11.2 billion national affordable housing plan that will require matching provincial dollars.

Canadians who drink, smoke, use ride-sharing services like Uber or rely on public transit will pay more thanks to changes in the federal budget.

Tobacco and alcohol taxes are going up, but the public transit tax credit has been axed altogether.

The Liberals say the credit was ineffective in encouraging the use of public transit and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, so they'll increase spending on public transit.