Flu shots now available for New Brunswickers

The publicly funded seasonal flu vaccine is now available in New Brunswick.

Those who are 65 and over and those with certain health conditions have a higher risk of serious complications from influenza.

Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health says vaccination is the most effective way to decrease the complications associated with seasonal influenza, and is encouraging all New Brunswickers to get the yearly flu shot.

Each year the strains of the flu viruses change and the vaccine also needs to change to ensure it protects against the current viruses.

Russell says the flu shouldn't be underestimated as it leads to hospitalizations and deaths every year.

Last season, there were over 27-hundred lab confirmed cases of influenza.

Close to 700 people were hospitalized, including 62 patients admitted to the ICU, and 50 people died from the illness.

More information is available from your local health care provider.