Fredericton Chamber of Commerce launches 2018 Political Leaders Series Friday

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is launching its 2018 "Political Leaders Series" at the Fredericton Convention Centre Friday.

Chamber President Keir Clark says engaging in the political process and providing an avenue for parties and citizens to exchange ideas is valuable as the decisions of whichever party form government following the September election will have a major impact on the business community.

The first leader scheduled to present is Gerald Bourque, the leader of the province's newest registered political party, Keep it Simple Solutions New Brunswick.

Kris Austin, of the People's Alliance of New Brunswick, Blaine Higgs, of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick, David Coon, of the Green Party of New Brunswick, and Jennifer McKenzie of the New Brunswick Democratic Party are schedule to present at various dates over the next month. 

All of the sessions, which also include a question and answer period, will be hosted at the Fredericton Convention Centre.

A list of speakers and dates for the Political Leaders Series is included below:

  • May 25th - Kris Austin, People’s Alliance of New Brunswick
  • June 1st - Blaine Higgs, Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick
  • June 8th - David Coon, Green Party of New Brunswick
  • June 22nd - Jennifer McKenzie, New Brunswick New Democratic Party