Fredericton council approves hiring of 3 police officers

The Fredericton Police Force will once again have a full complement of officers in the coming months.

City council approved the hiring of three new officers during Monday night's regular meeting.

Coun. Stephen Chase, chair of the city's public safety and environment committee, said they were able to bring the force back up to a full complement while staying within budget.

"The salaries that we're paying these new officers are lower – they're at the starting level, therefore they're lower than what some of the longer term, more experienced officers are," he said.

Chase said the new hires will bring the total number of officers up to 108, which is slightly higher than the approved complement of 107 officers.

But he said anticipated retirements later this year will bring the number back down.

"The important thing is that we're getting a full complement of officers, which is going to be great relief to the existing cadre of officers, and I think it's a high measure of relief to the people of Fredericton," said Chase.

Riley Hughson and Daniel LeBlanc will begin on May 1, while Mitchell Fox will start his duties on Sept. 5.