Fredericton honours 28 people for community service

More than two dozen people have been honoured by the City of Fredericton for their services to the community.

Unsung Hero Awards and Intercultural Awards were presented during a special ceremony at City Hall on Friday.

Lisa Bamford De Gante, executive director of the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, and Roland Moreno were honoured with Intercultural Awards for their work to enhance the city's cultural-diversity and inclusiveness.

Twenty-six others received Unsung Hero Awards for going above and beyond to help build and shape the community, including 15 individuals who have given more than 25 years of service with Meals on Wheels.

Unsung Hero Awards were presented to:

  • Sharan Ayer;
  • Florence Bartlett;
  • Vernon Boyer;
  • Susan Breen;
  • Ron Chapman;
  • Judy Coates;
  • Tammy Coughlan;
  • Mary Davis;
  • Mary Dayton;
  • Valerie Delong;
  • Stephanie Francis;
  • Joanne Gibson;
  • Tracy Glynn;
  • Jean Hayden;
  • Kelly Kelly;
  • Jean Kerton;
  • Judy Lavigne;
  • Chris Macdonald;
  • Shirley MacLeod;
  • Charlotte Magasi;
  • Janet Matheson;
  • John O'Toole;
  • Lois Paterson;
  • Phyllis Reynolds;
  • Peter Slipp; and
  • Jenn Wambolt.

You can find more details on the recipients on the City of Fredericton's website.