Fredericton Junction celebrates new fire hall, ambulance building

It's a huge undertaking for a small community like Fredericton Junction.

That's how deputy mayor John Bigger describes the village's new $1.3-million emergency services complex.

The new building includes a four-bay fire department and an Ambulance New Brunswick bay.

Bigger tells our newsroom the complex is a welcome addition to the small community.

"The current fire department is about 50 years old," said Bigger. "It's very small, outdated, not much room for training and those types of things. It's a three-bay and we actually have one vehicle that has been outside for the past couple of years waiting for the new building to be built."

The building is located at the corner of Sunbury Drive and Wilsey Road and is attached to the current village office, said Bigger.

New use for old fire hall

Bigger said the old fire hall will be used as a maintenance garage, while the former Ambulance NB building will be renovated and used as training space for the fire department in the future.

"We're a volunteer force, so anything that we can provide the firefighters to make their job easier for training and that type of things, it's much welcomed for them," he said.

Bigger said the fire department moved in to their new digs last week, and Ambulance NB is expected to follow suit within the next month.

The project has been in the works for about a decade, said Bigger, but construction didn't begin until last September.

That's because the village had to negotiate a deal with Irving Oil, which owned the land and used to operate a service station where the complex now sits.

"There was some contamination so that had to be cleaned," said Bigger, "and it was [cleaned] before Irving was able to sell it to us."

Village officials will hold a grand opening at the new building at noon on Saturday.