Fredericton police to use new 'driver feedback' signs in speeding hot spots

The Fredericton Police Force will soon be placing new portable "driver feedback" signs in areas where people have complained about speeding in the city. 

Staff Sgt. Paul Battiste tells CBC News the signs will be placed in hot spots for speeding in the next few weeks. 

The Fredericton Police Force will be provided with information about traffic and speeding at particular spots in the city through the use of the solar-powered signs as they not only display the speeds of passing vehicles, but also collect data about the drivers' speeds. 

CBC reports the devices include a stealth mode function, which allows the speed data to still be gathered even when the signs do not appear to be on. 

The data can then be analyzed to spot traffic patterns and determine the effectiveness of the radar display. 

 Battiste outlined the plan to the city's public safety and environment committee Tuesday. 

~ With files from CBC News.