Fredericton receives approval to remove some trees in Officers' Square

The City of Fredericton has been given approval by the province to cut down some trees in Officers' Square. 

Transportation Minister Bill Fraser tells The Daily Gleaner the partial permit allows for five of the smaller trees along the eastern perimeter to be removed and it also requires the trees be replaced by 10 new ones. 

He said the removal of these trees does not include the larger ones that run along Queen Street. 

A few weeks ago the city announced 19 of the 23 trees in Officers' Square would need to be cut down due to renovations at the park. 

Fraser tells The Daily Gleaner that there are some concerns regarding the number of trees that were proposed for removal, but he adds the department of heritage will work with the mayor, council, and city officials on a revised plan aiming to save as many trees as possible. 

~ With files from The Daily Gleaner.