Grieving mother seeking answers from New Brunswick health system

A grieving New Brunswick mother says someone in the health care system needs to take responsibility for the death of her five-week-old daughter, and she wants answers.
Tessa McAllister of Miramichi weeps as she talks about her daughter Blayke, who died at home last month just hours after being seen by a doctor.
McAllister says Blayke, her fourth child, was taken to the doctor a number of times in January because the baby was phlegmy and had issues breathing, and a chest x-ray and swab were done on Jan. 30.
She says she only learned the results two days later when she saw her doctor and was told the baby had tested positive for a virus that can be serious among infants.
However she says the doctor said the Miramichi Regional Hospital was 20 per cent overcapacity and she should use a humidifier at home and bring the baby back to see him the next day.
The baby died that night.
The doctor is declining calls from the media and the Horizon Health Network won't speak to the specific case.
However, Marilyn Underhill, executive director for Miramichi Regional Hospital, says Horizon always provides a bed and care even when their facilities are overcapacity.