Group asks people to steer clear of wayward beluga whale spotted in N.B.

A conservation group is urging people not to interact with belugas after a wayward whale was spotted in New Brunswick.

A photo of a beluga was taken near Pointe-du-Chene earlier this month and shared with the Marine Animal Response Society.

The group's co-ordinator, Andrew Reid, says beluga whales usually reside in the St. Lawrence estuary or further north in the Arctic.

He says the region doesn't have a resident population, but single or multiple animals travelling together have been spotted over the last few years.
Reid says the animal isn't necessarily in distress, but they are extremely curious animals and like interacting with other animals and people.
Last June, a beluga lost its way in a northern New Brunswick river and had to be rescued by land, air and sea before being reunited with its pod.