Group of basketball enthusiasts claim to have world's oldest existing basketball court

A group of basketball enthusiasts in New Brunswick is laying claim to having the world's oldest existing basketball court.

Peter Corby of Canada 1st Basketball Incorporated says a former YMCA in St. Stephen is home to a court dating back to 1893.

The claim challenges a similar one in France, where historians have long insisted that Paris has the oldest court still in use.

But Corby says research has shown that the first basketball game played in St. Stephen was in October 1893, months before the one played in Paris in December of the same year.

Corby says the New Brunswick court had been hidden away for years in a building used for everything from a printing press company to a dance hall.

But when a fire struck in 2010, the cleanup revealed the small basketball court hidden under carpet.

He and his group are hoping to buy the building and transform it into a museum dedicated to basketball.