Lobster found off N.B. coast with image of Pepsi can on claw

Fisherman Karissa Lindstrand drinks a lot of Pepsi every day, so imagine her surprise as she was banding lobster claws and came across a lobster with the image of a Pepsi can on it.

Lindstrand has banded lobster on the boat Honour Bound off Grand Manan, N.B., for four years, and while she has seen some odd-looking lobster, this is the first with an image on it.

She said the image looked like it had been tattooed on the lobster, but could have been easily scraped off.

Lindstrand said she took a picture and then put the lobster in a crate for transport to a buyer instead of keeping it.

She said she has no idea how the image got on the lobster, or if it's an indication of garbage on the ocean bottom.

However, she said in the four years she has worked on the boat, she has never seen any garbage come up with the traps.